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How to attract and retain trade buyers

When it comes to selling wine & spirits via the 3-tier system, you don't hear a lot about "lead generation." The reason is most sellers see riding in cars with distributor sales reps as the primary means by which to sell.

Unfortunately, this is not nearly as productive as it used to be. Too random. Too slow. Too much like the 1000's of other people out there doing it. But, the worst part is it's not SCALE-ABLE. Man-oh-man, if there's one thing this industry needs its for sellers to learn how to employ sales tactics that are SCALE-ABLE!

Now, what if you could get hundreds of trade buyer to come to YOU? To step towards YOU? To say, "I'd like to learn more about your winery/distillery so please put me on your trade-only email list." The fact is you CAN do this but most of you reading this will dismiss it out of hand because its so foreign to you.

Look. People are doing it already - and YOU can, too. Since you're stuck at home for a while and can't ride around in distributor's cars anyway, you may want to check it out

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    If you are still selling the same way you did even 5 years ago, you're going to get left behind. I'm on a mission to help sellers of wine & spirits throw out the old playbook and adopt more new and modern methods that are SCALE-ABLE. - Ben Salisbury